April 2021

Refractions of a present future

Digital Exhibition

Featured artwork by
Clara Allison 
Taylor Burkhead 
Kinsale Hueston 
Brock Riggins 
Priya Subberwal 
Ming Ying

Curated by
Jasmine Buckley
Troy Gibbs-Brown
Ellie New

Presented by The Gallatin Galleries and NYU Gallatin WetLab

Refractions of a present future featured six young artists whose works channel sensory, poetic, and personal explorations of living within lifetimes characterized by environmental destabilization on multiple scales. In a diverse set of media–including color study, poetry, narrative film, sonic composition, digital illustration, and painting–they trace instances of environmental, cultural, and temporal rupture that reveal how our pasts and our futures both resonate in the ever-unfolding present. Across disciplines, their works use abstraction, texture, and sensory modes of communication to investigate the tensions between experiences of fragmentation and acts of mending in the midst of climate crises.

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